Ecommerce websites

Electronic Commerce (e commerce) basically means the buying and selling of goods or services electronically over the internet, via a suitable website. Since the rise of the internet online shopping has grown at extrodinary rates and continues to be a growth industry.

An ecommerce website is, simply put, an online shop where you can display and sell your good world wide with no need of a physical shop. Needless to say, with access to your shop all around the world, your potential customer base is infinately larger than could ever be attracted by a physical high street shop.

The customer experience is fairly simple, they arrive at your website, browse your products and then select those they wish to purchase. The customer than pays for the products using paypal or similar service, you then despatch the customers product by post or courier service.

At WebsitesCo we customize your ecommerce site for your needs, each job can be quite different and as such a guide price simply isn't possible, although our rates are still highly competative. If you would like a quote for an ecommerce solution, please contact us.