Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions and the answers:

How quickly will my website be ready?
Depending on the size of your site, but once we have an agreement in place and the relevant content we aim to have the site completed within 7 – 21 working days, it can often be much faster though!

Can I choose my domain name?
Of course you can, providing the name you request is available to register from new, then we will purchase it on your behalf as part of all our website packages. If your chosen name is unavailable we will advise you the nearest option so you can choose.

Will i have a copy of my completed website?
Some companies will withold your completed website and even charge you for a copy, not, you are welcome to have a copy of you site as you wish. We will provide you with the information you need to access your site.

I want to have my own email address, is this part of the deal?
Yes, we provide serveral email adresses depending on which option you purchase, you can choose whatever you wish to have and we will set it up for you and provide you the information you will require to set this up on your pc for use. We also provide you with Webmail allowing your to check your emails anywhere in the world with a PC and an internet connection via a browser.

Can i provide my own pictures for the site?
Yes of course, we prefer to work with clients own pictures, it makes the site look more branded and unique and more professional. Should you wish to have some stock images instead, that may also be possible, please contact us with your requirments.

I want to be able to update information on my site, can i do this?
Yes, unlike many other companies we will provide you with full admin access to your site, so you can make amendments as you wish via an excellent CMS (Content Management System). If you would prefer WebsitesCo to make regular updates and changes for you, we can offer a competative maintenance package, please contact us for details.

Do you write all the text for my site?
No, you will need to provide us with the content for your sitein electronic formate, however we will advise you exactly what you will need to provide and tips and tricks to get the professional content you are looking for.