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SEO or to give its full name Search Engine Optimization, is the process of analyzing your website and making changes to the makeup and content of the website to give the site the best possible chances of not only being discovered by the search engines, but indeed, consider relevant and important.
So you ask, what is the actual benefit of SEO to my business?
Well, I will give you a simple answer, if you get the SEO correct on your site, the content correct and the link profile correct, you stand an excellent chance of ranking highly in the search engines for your target key words.
So, why do I want to rank highly for my keywords?
Simple, if there is traffic for the said keywords, the higher your rank in the search engine results, the larger proportion of the traffic will visit your site. The more targeted traffic, the more potential sales you can achieve.
When put simply, SEO is the method by which you market your business online in the search engines. Let’s liken your website to a shop. Would you open a shop in the high street with no signage and leave the shutters down and expect potential customers to find you? Of course you wouldn’t, but without SEO that’s exactly what you are doing to your website.
I bet this cost’s a fortune right?
Actually you might be surprised, the cost tends to be based on a number of factors, but most importantly the competition you face for your chosen keywords. Keywords with very little competition will be fairly easy to rank well for and therefore inexpensive.

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