Content Management systems

CMS is a great way to allow our clients to manage their own websites. Using a CMS based site you will be able to change, add and remove text, pictures and other sorts of information to or from your own website. This sort of CMS is extremely benefical as it means you have complete control over your site, and do not have to pay any sort of management fee to a company to manage your content for you. This flexibility means you are able to log in to a simply admin panel and make changes to your websites content without any html knowledge, and really nothing more than basic computer skills.

WebsitesCo extensively uses the popular worldwide CMS software called WordPress, it is simple, fast and ideal for a range of sites from the very simply to larger company setups.

If you are interested in a CMS style website, please see our website prices for a guide price. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.