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When you are deciding to hire a website designer to build you a website, it is of course important to look closely at what the quote includes and what is not included. One of the many pitfalls I hear all the time, is when clients tell me their previous web designer charges then for adding/removing/amending content on their sites. The reason for this is that many companies offer standard coded html or similar websites where there is no easy access for the clients themselves to make their own changes to their own sites. Clients are then left with a website that in order to change in anyway they have to contact their web design company and pay for them to make changes on the clients behalf. For many years and no doubt for many clients this has been going on and indeed, it still goes on all the time now.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS simply put, means that once a website is built, clients can login using an admin panel, username and password and access their websites content directly in a simple and easy way. This means that you can add and remove pages, images or text whenever you wish and from your own computer. All this means, that once you have paid for your website and hosting, there is no extra costs, no monthly payment to manage your site, you can do it all yourself. Of course, if you are the kind of person that would rather avoid such technical matters, you can still of course pay to have someone else make ongoing updates and changes to your site, thats your perogative, the important point here is that you have a choice.

At WebsitesCo all our packages are based on the very popular and easy to use WordPress software. Once the site is built, we can visit you and show you exactly how to use the admin panel and features of your site, no extra charges, no monthly costs, just simple advice and a practical easy to use website.

So if you are looking for a friendly easy to deal with website designer in Northamptonshire, why not contact us today.

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